1. About SDL2
2. Installing SDL2
3. About these examples

1. About SDL2 (Simple Directmedia Layer)

Reasons for choosing SDL2:

* Cross platform
* Relatively easy to learn
* Free and Open source
* Works well for creating 2D games

SDL2's homepage is available at http://www.libsdl.org/

2. Installing SDL2

On Ubuntu, install the package libsdl1.2-dev using APT:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev

You might also want to install the packages SDL2_image (libsdl2-image-dev),
SDL2_gfx (libsdl2-gfx-dev), SDL2_ttf (libsdl2-ttf-dev) and SDL2_mixer (libsdl2-mixer-dev).

It is highly recommended to use SDL2_image for loading images instead of the
functions from SDL2.

3. About these examples

These examples show the basics of building an application using SDL.

They are incremental, meaning the later ones build upon the earlier

The order they should be worked through is:

    1. basics.cpp        # Creating a window and a main loop
    2. images.cpp        # Loading and displaying images
    3. keyboard.cpp      # Handling keyboard events
    4. mouse.cpp         # Handling mouse events
    5. collision.cpp     # Collision handling
    6. animation.cpp     # Animating sprites
    7. framerate.cpp     # Framerate-compensated movement

Use the accompanying Makefile to compile the examples.

This package was originally written by Torbjörn Lönnemark,
 modified by Jonas Lindgren.