a collection of "advanced" C++ examples

"Advanced" C++

This is a collection of small C++ projects using some kind of "advanced" C++.

File / Folder Description
basics Not really advanced, but a showcase of different basic C++
print A project showcasing variadic templates by emulating python's print
raii A mock libray for network communication with a basic c-style solution and a C++ solution to display usage of RAII
stl A set of programs implemented with the use of STL with function objects or lambdas
vector_vs_list A program that compares time taken to add and remove elements to vector vs list
clone.cc Displaying compile-time checking of member function signature
concepts.cc A small program to test concepts with gcc-6
noisy.cc Displays effects of Return Value Optimization
size_vs_capacity.cc Shows how size and capacity changes when elements are removed and inserted into vectors