A place to collect all exercises for course TDDD38 - Advanced programming in C++

Exercise Sutable for which seminar
Mixed exercises
- basic language constructs, statements Seminar 1
- class, overloading, type conversion Seminar 2
- derivation, exceptions Seminar 3
Aggregates and List initialization some parts suitable for seminar 1, some for seminar 2
Smart pointer Seminar 2
Geometric objects Seminar 3
Policy-based Class Design for Smart Pointers Seminar 4
The Curiosly Recurring Template Pattern (CRTP) Seminar 4
Character Traits Seminar 4
Container Design Seminar 5
Fixed Size Container Seminar 5
Indexable Set Seminar 5
Ordered List Iterators Seminar 5
Insertion Techniques standard library After seminar 5
Standard Library — mixed standard library exercises STL seminars