A collection of examples of how to use SFML, based on https://gitlab.ida.liu.se/jonli35/tdp005_sdl_intro/

These are a collection of examples based on the examples from Intro to SDL, but for SFML.

These examples show the basics of building an application using SFML.

They are incremental, meaning the later ones build upon the earlier ones.

The order they should be worked through is:

1. basics.cpp        # Creating a window and a main loop
2. images.cpp        # Loading and displaying images
3. keyboard.cpp      # Handling keyboard events
4. mouse.cpp         # Handling mouse events
5. collision.cpp     # Collision handling
6. animation.cpp     # Animating sprites
7. framerate.cpp     # Framerate-compensated movement

Use the accompanying Makefile to compile the examples.